Storage Containers vs Storage Trailers: Which is Better?

Storage Containers vs Storage Trailers: Which is Better?

Storage Containers

Storage containers are steel, air-tight containers used to transport large quantities of goods and shipment from one location to another. Storage trailers are regular box-type trailers solely used for storing goods or commodities at a specific site for a given time period.

When being used, storage containers are positioned at ground level. Meanwhile, storage trailers are positioned at dock height approximately 48 inches from the ground. The choice of which is best – storage containers or storage trailers – will depend on your shipping needs and requirements. Arm yourself with the below knowledge you need prior to making a decision.

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The Facts About Storage Containers 

The following are further details about the specific use of storage containers as well as their features.

  • Storage containers offer more protection against natural and man-made elements
  • These containers are mainly used for shipments that require ocean transit
  • Storage containers provide a more secure shipping environment during transport
  • The cost of using these containers is a mere quarter of the cost it takes to use trailers per month
  • Storage containers are more readily available than trailers
  • These containers are ideal choices for ground-level storage as they permit easy access to the goods available within the container without having to use a ladder or ramp
  • Storage containers were originally meant to stack and load cargo in order to save on needed space.
  • In order to have it moved, storage containers require a flatbed or bed truck, not its own wheels
  • Storage containers need very little maintenance. The roof only needs to be checked to make sure there is no water collecting on top, and its doors need to be oiled.
  • Storage containers are best used if you require more than a single unit of storage, and if you prefer an easy-to-maintain container that is also stackable 

The Facts About Storage Trailers

The following are further details about storage trailers as well as its features.

  • Storage trailers are generally wider compared to storage containers
  • Trailers usually measure 8 feet, 6 inches wide
  • Their size allows pallets to easily fit within its interior
  • Storage trailers are ideal if you are looking for a broader transport solution
  • These posses axles and wheels that are easily removable
  • Storage trailers require a Federal Highway Administration license
  • These are ideal if you want the contents of the trailer to be moved to or from a facility at docking level
  • Storage trailers cannot be stacked
  • These trailers require a high level of maintenance. They need to be cared for in the same way as a vehicle since trailers are similarly mobile
  • The maintenance period of trailers would be based on how far and how long the trailer will be travelling, the kind of environment it will be subject to, and the area where it will stay in
  • Loading and unloading is more convenient with storage trailers
  • Storage trailers provide transferability and accessibility
  • These trailers are the ideal way to store your possessions in a mobile manner

How to Know Which Storage is Right for You

The best storage solution is one that suits your specifications. In order to know which is right for you, make sure you honestly answer the below questions:

  • Do you require mere storage or do you also require that your goods be transported?
  • How much space do you want to add to your current capacity?
  • Are you a first-time user of storage solutions or have you used one previously and are now looking to expand your current storage needs?
  • Would you prefer to have easy and frequent access to your goods?
  • Is your cargo stored in pallets?

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All in all, it is critical that you first be clear on what your preferences and requirements are prior to deciding whether a container or trailer is best to use. Know that there is a slew of storage solutions you can choose from, the same way that there are numerous storage containers you can use.

In order to make the best decision with regards to storage trailers and containers, ensure that you collect all the information you need. 

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