Expedite Services

Expedite Services

Get it there fast with OCT expedited services. When you choose our expedited services, we take our already quick shipping service and employ a variety of methods to get your cargo to its destination even faster.


24-Hour Shipping

If you have a delivery within North America that normally takes two days or more, we can cut that transit time in half with our expedited rush service. We team two of our experienced drivers behind the wheel to allow for continuous driving to your drop-off location. Safe and effective, this is one of our most popular expedited services.


Land, Air and Ocean Shipping

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, OCT can leverage our network of air, ocean and land carriers to find the best routes and methods to get your shipment to anywhere in the world in as short a time as possible. Emergency services are also available for critical shipment needs.


Call 905-695-1501 to find out more about just how fast we can deliver your shipment. We also offer warehousing and streamlined distribution services.

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