Winch Straps

Trailer Winch Strap

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, Ontario Container Transport makes towing and moving of large objects easier with trailer winch strap towing. We seek to provide comprehensive transport and storage options and this includes packaging materials, boxes and winch choices. Our winches are crafted from tough polyester rope and heavy duty hardware.


What is a Trailer Winch Strap?

A winch strap is the woven rope and metal hook that attaches to a boat, truck or trailer for towing purposes. They are often used for towing other vehicles.  Different weights are used for different objects but, in general, you should choose a winch that has a capacity of 1.5 times the item you are towing.


Winch Strap Dimensions and Specifications

Our trailer winch strap options are perfectly suited to use for some of the heaviest and largest vehicles and trailers. The specifications are as follows:

Width x length: 3″ x 30′

Ring and Chain: 3″ Delta Ring and 3/8″ Hook, 18″ Length for Chain Assembly

Working Capacity: 5000 Lbs.

Breaking Strength: 15000 lbs.


Expert Trailer Winch Strap Service

While we offer winches to be used by our customers, our professional team can employ the straps to move your objects for you. This is the perfect option for when you lack the time or manpower to tow your items yourself.


Storage and Transport

When we employ a winch strap to tow your vehicles or other items, we can bring your cargo to a location of your choosing. We also offer secure storage options for temporary and long term use. Our warehouses come with around the clock surveillance and fenced areas for high end items.
Call the logistics experts at Ontario Container Transport to learn more about our towing, moving and storage facilities.  We will advise you on what services are best for you, including professional versus self-service options. Call us at 905-695-1501 for a free quote.

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