Warehousing and Distribution

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Warehouse Storage

Never settle for dingy and unsecure freight warehouse storage facilities again. Ontario Container Transport provides the ultimate in convenient and safe storage solutions in over 200 cities across North America.

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, we also offer:


24/7 Surveillance Warehouse Storage

We make the safety of your items our absolute top priority. To ensure your goods are safe from theft and damage we employ:

  • 24/7 camera surveillance
  • Fire alarms and sprinkler system
  • Fenced area for higher end items
  • Additional security protections to prevent and deter loss of property


Flexible Freight Warehouse Storage

Our freight warehouse facilities are not only secure, they are convenient too with 7 day a week access. Even when you need to get to your items on a weekend or a holiday, OCT storage is here to make it possible. We also have no minimum or maximum requirements on the amount of time you store your items or the amount of space you can lease.


Storage Containers and Packaging Services

OCT is equipped to handle a wide range of storage containers to make warehousing possible for more companies. We also offer palletizing and wrapping for your storage containers to make things even more convenient.


Freight Warehouse Distribution and Cross Docking

We streamline the freight warehouse storage and distribution system by using our intermodal transportation options to deliver your goods right from our warehouse. We load your storage containers, pallets and other units onto our trucks and deliver them to our partner airports, railways and ocean freight carriers for delivery across the globe.

Our cross-docking services are also available 24/7. We can transport your goods from one trailer to another or to our warehouse for temporary storage before putting them on the next trailer.
Make your warehousing and distribution easier and more expedient with OCT.  Our logistics experts can advise you on storage containers, storage and delivery options. Call us at 905-695-1501.

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Let Us Streamline Your Storage And Distribution Process.