Ocean/Air/Rail Shipping

Ocean/Air/Retail Shipping

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, OCT has partnered with a wide network of air freight and ocean carriers to bring our customers even more affordable and convenient shipping methods.  With OCT, you can use any and all of our air, rail and ocean shipping options to create the best plan for your items. Our logistics experts will work with you to figure out the cheapest, fastest routes for your needs.

No matter the size of shipment you need to deliver, or where you need to deliver it to, we have options for you, including:


Air Freight

Air cargo shipping often makes for the fastest option, especially when you need to ship internationally. Our air freight flexibility means your shipment has no limitations on weight, size or schedule. OCT logistics experts will work with you and our air freight partners to meet even the tightest deadlines for your air cargo shipment. We also offer temperature controlled air freight containers for your air cargo.


Rail Shipping

We use a combination of trains and trucks to make buy soma online overnight rail shipping a viable option for our clients. Because the costs are split over more shipments, rail shipping can often prove to be cheaper than strictly moving items by truck. It is a great option when you are not working against a tight deadline. Rail shipping is also more environmentally sound and has more flexible schedule and drop off options and it can be used in conjunction with ocean shipping and air cargo shipping.


Ocean Shipping

We’re making overseas shipping more convenient with full and less than truckload options. Typically, ocean shipping is too expensive for certain shipment types, but OCT has options to make both large and small loads workable.

Specialty Ocean Shipping Containers: We offer standard containers in 20’, 40’ and 45’ along with temperature controlled crates and less than truckloads.

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