Flatbed / Stepdeck

Flatbed Trailer Rental

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, Our OCT flatbed and stepdeck trailers are some of the best and most popular shipping

vehicles for a wide range of goods. Our flatbeds and decks are created to withstand even the most rigorous travel requirements and toughest terrain.


Flatbed Features

Rugged construction and well-crafted rear ramps make our flatbeds strong while providing an easy-to-use experience. Reliable flatbeds make for less delays and need for repair which is why our experts service ours regularly for the best performance.


Flatbed Escorts: for your oversized and over dimensional loads we offer flatbed can you buy prednisone for dogs over the counter escorts to expertly guide your haul.


Permits and Licensing: Our team is not only experts in hauling, we are also able to guide you in all the proper permits for standard and specialty shipments.


Stepdeck Features

Our step deck or single drop trailers are able to safely haul items that are taller than 8’6”. Ramps and the dual deck make single drop trailers good for heavy items that are over 9’, tractors and other machinery.


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