Blanket Wrapped

Blanket Wrapped

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, Ontario Container Transport knows that packing your items is more than just getting them onto a truck; it’s about getting them loaded safely and securely to make sure they arrive safely. This is why we equip our trucks with packing blankets. Each moving blanket we use provides a cost effective way to protect your goods and maximize space.


Furniture Blankets

The most popular use for our moving blanket service, is for furniture blankets. OCT works with many companies who ship furniture and we know what it takes to protect this large, but delicate cargo. Furniture blankets will protect from ripping, tearing, snagging and stains that might occur during transport. We use a fitted moving blanket to expertly cover chairs and couches to protect upholstery.


Cost Savings

Packing blankets and furniture blankets help to reduce costs by preventing damage to property and the subsequent need to replace it. They are also a reusable type of packaging that reduces the need for other crates and boxes. This takes up less space can you buy adderall online during shipping which can leave room for more product and minimizes the waste that comes with other packing materials.


Secure Loading and Transport

In addition to our packing blankets, we make sure each of our vehicles is equipped with a range of straps, fasteners, load bars and more to secure your items. Our ratchet straps, webbing and fasteners are especially good at securing large objects to minimize shifting during transport. These straps are also easy to operate, allowing for single handed tightening and release.


Other Moving Blanket Uses

While packing blankets are most often used as furniture blankets, other goods and equipment can also benefit from them. These include:

  • Medical equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Industrial machinery
  • Commercial appliances
  • Light and hardware fixtures
  • Electronics


Don’t risk your property by improperly handling and packing it, use OCT for efficient, secure moving blanket service. We put the safety of your shipments as our top priority and will work with you to wrap and secure all your belongings with our premium packing blankets.

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