Additional Services

Additional Services

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, OCT takes pride in providing comprehensive storage and distribution services. In addition to our secure warehouse, intermodal transportation and cross docking, we also offer solutions for household moving, small business relocation, supply chain concerns and much more including:


Household Moving and Storage

We take the stress out of moving with our mobile storage trailers. Each of our trailers can be brought to your house and will give you 3500 cubic feet of mobile storage space. You can choose to load the trailer yourself or have our professionals do it. We can then pick up the trailer and deliver it to your new home or our secure facility. It’s that easy!


Office Moving and Storage

Easily change between commercial facilities with our office moving services. Our mobile trailers can be brought to your current office then taken to your new facility anywhere in North America. You can also use our warehouse to store items as a new building is readied. Load buy prednisone 5mg items on your own or have our professional movers do it. We will even unpack items in your new office.


Moving Boxes

We offer a wide range of boxes and packing materials to make your moving easier, more organized and more secure . Use our specialty picture boxes and wardrobe boxes to keep items safe and ready to use when they arrive.


Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Streamline your storage and distribution system with our supply chain solutions. Store your items with us then ship them directly from our warehouses using our network or intermodal shipping containers and transportation methods.


Blanket Wrapped

Treat your furniture pieces with care with our blanket wrapping service which helps to protect your items from chipping, scratching and other damage.

Use any of our additional services in conjunction with our primary warehousing and distribution to address all your moving and shipping concerns. Call our experts at 905-695-1501 to learn what our services can do for you.

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