Cross Docking

Cross Docking

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, Ontario Container Transport offers a variety of storage and distribution services, including cross docking. This service is invaluable to trucking companies and other transportation providers that need loading and storage options to bridge gaps in service. So what is cross docking and what can it do for your business?


What is Cross Docking?

If you’ve spent any time trying to figure out how to ship, store and distribute goods then you’ve probably wondered what is cross docking? Simply put, it’s the transfer from an inbound truck, trailer or railcar to an outbound one. The transfers can happen between two different modes of transportation and there is typically little to no storage time in between the transfers.


What is Cross Docking Going to Do for Your Business?

Cross docking is a cost-effective way of transferring goods since it doesn’t rely on much, if any, storage. There are some exceptions to the “no storage” buy generic soma rule and OCT has you covered for these instances.

Temporary Storage: Sometimes you need a temporary storage facility for a few pallets that can’t be delivered yet but you can’t leave them in your truck either. OCT offers secure warehousing for these units until they can be picked up and will load the items for you when necessary.


Docking Services and Beyond

We have the expertise and the equipment to make any kind of transfer quick and easy. Whether you have multiple pallets, large items or a combination of goods, we can unload them for you into our warehouse or onto another trailer. OCT also offers wrapping and palletizing services and long term storage solutions.
OCT is here to streamline are your storage and distribution process. Call us at 905-695-1501 to speak to a logistics expert and receive a free quote on any of our services.

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