Our team of freight logistics specialists will work together with your from the shipping’s planning stage of your shipment all the way through to the final delivery with updates every step of the transportation process.

An international freight transport shipping company in Toronto

Shipping Container Transport

OCT is proud to be among the container shipping companies Ontario can rely on for their most important cargo. We employ truck drayage for short and long distance hauling along with delivery to other ramps and facilities for maximum versatility.

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Freight Trucking Services

We offer freight transportation across Canada and the U.S. We ensure easy, secure and affordable shipping for all of our clients. Whether you have a full truck load or LTL, we will work with you to ship your items safely, cost effectively and on time.

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Rail / Air / Ocean Shipping

OCT has partnered with a wide network of air freight, intermodal and ocean carriers to bring our customers even more affordable and convenient shipping methods.  With OCT, you can use any and all of our air, rail and ocean shipping options to create the best plan for your shipment such as importing electric bikes from overseas.

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Warehousing & Distribution

OCT offers a full line of warehousing services from destuffing your containers and storing your shipment in our state of the art warehouse facility equipped with a full racking system for either a short or long term basis.  We also provide a full line of global distribution services from shipping one item to a full truckload.

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Additional Services

OCT offers a wide range of additional specialized services including: container relocations, show freight, temperature controlled shipping, specialized equipment and integrated supply chain solutions.

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Warehousing And Distribution Solutions

Sometimes you just need more space. Whether you need a temporary storage area to free up trucks in between deliveries or long term plans, OCT has a warehouse solution for you including mobile self-storage and shrink wrapping.

Ontario Container Transport Warehousing Benefits:

Freight Container Destuffing

Destuffing (or unpacking) is an important part of shipping. OCT expertly handles your shipment to ensure there is no loss or damage and we will wrap and palletize as needed.

Wrapping and Palletizing Services

Wrapping and palletizing protects and organizes your items for shipment. Let the OCT experts save you time and frustration by allowing us to process your items for easy loading and distribution.

Warehouse Storage

Free up space, protect your items and streamline your distribution with our secure warehouse storage. We offer long and short term solutions across North America.

Global Distribution Services

You make your products and we make sure they get to your customers no matter where they are. Our network of intermodal carriers allows us to distribute your goods across anywhere in the world.

Trucking Freight Services

OCT offers comprehensive trucking freight services including full and less than truckloads. Choose from a variety of container and truck types to deliver your goods safely across North America.

Expedited Shipping Services

OCT takes our already fast shipping services and puts them into hyperdrive for your emergency and expedited service needs. We can turn most 2-day truck trips into 1 with our expert drivers.

Ocean Freight Services

Ontario Container Transport strives to maintain its position among the ocean shipping companies Canada can rely on for timely delivery, knowledgeable service and dynamic transport options. We offer a wide range of ocean freight solutions which include FCL, LCL, temperature-controlled, loading, unloading, packaging, handling and more.


Less than container loads can often be more expensive to ship since you are taking up the  same container size but not filling it to capacity. However, with OCT’s logistics experts, we can combine your shipment with one or more other packages for more cost-effective solutions. When we do this, we work with your budget, schedule and delivery needs to form the best solutions.

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Temperature Controlled Containers

Even the fastest modes of transport still require the assistance of a temperature controlled container. If you have items that you need to keep cold or keep from getting too cold, OCT as you covered with our reliable reefer containers. Reefer, or refrigerated containers have separate internal controls that keep them at a steady temperature no matter what the climate is outside.

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Full container loads are economical and convenient when you have a lot to ship. We have container options for land, ocean and air to get your products where they need to go on time and on budget.

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Ocean Cargo Shipping Benefits

Ocean freight offers several advantages over land and air shipping. Land transport is obviously limited to a contiguous land area but even air freight has restrictions that ocean freight does not.

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Trucking Freight Services

OCT offers a full range of over the road trucking freight services across Canada and the U.S. that ensures easy, secure and affordable shipping for all of our clients. Whether you have a full truck load or only need to ship a single pallet, we will work with you to ship your items cost effectively, safely and on time.

Full Truck Load (FTL)

We are able to offer truckload (FTL) services within Canada and the United States. By filling an entire truck with your own goods, we will be able to expedite delivery and often save you money over other shipping methods.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

Less than truckloads (LTL) are a good alternative to full truckloads for when you have smaller shipments and looking to save money. OCT’s wide network of carriers make it possible to give you most options for your LTL shipment to maximize your cost savings while getting your products distributed more quickly.

Flatbed / Step Deck

OCT offers a complete line of flatbed options required to meet your specific needs, hauling diverse flatbed freight such as machinery, building materials, steel, pipes, windows and other specialized commodities.

Container Relocations

If you are looking to move a container from your property, job site or from ramp to ramp OCT has all the equipment and experience to make it happen.

OCT will arrange the best suited equipment for your container relocation. We have access to Tilt and Load Flatdecks, container chassis and standard flatbeds ready to move your containers.

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Distribution and Storage You Can Trust

Whether you need personal belongings moved from your home or large quantities of products distributed around the world, OCT knows that your moving and storage needs are integral to your life and business. This is why we strive to offer the best services and will work with you to provide personalized solutions.

Call our experts at 905-695-1501 to discuss options and receive a free quote.

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