Moving Boxes

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

If you’re packing up your home or office, there’s a good chance you’ve scrambled around wondering where to buy moving boxes or, worse, asked friends and neighbours for their used containers. With Ontario Container Transport ( a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US),  you can stop scrounging around the grocery store looking for old produce boxes to salvage and purchase our affordable and secure packing boxes and materials, including specialty boxes like:


Wardrobe Packing Boxes

Don’t risk putting your clothes in a grocery store box that once held stinky garlic or sticky fruit when you can have a specially designed wardrobe box. OCT wardrobe boxes are made specifically to move clothes without wrinkling or crumpling them

Wardrobe packing boxes are tall enough to hang dress shirts in without folding them. Each box includes a metal rod so you can take your hanging clothes and transfer them right to the box for faster, more efficient moving.  Also, you won’t where to buy klonopin have to iron or launder the clothes again to get rid of creases.


Picture and Mirror Moving Boxes

Pictures and mirrors can be some of the most difficult items to move because of their awkward dimensions and fragile nature.  Our picture moving boxes are formatted to provide a snug fit to keep your flat items in place to prevent damage.

Two-Piece Construction: Our picture and mirror packing boxes have two pieces that slide together to adjust the fit around your item. This provides an even more secure fit.


Stop struggling with the question of where to buy moving boxes or where to find them. Let the moving and packing experts at Ontario Container Transport provide you with the best moving materials and packing boxes to make your relocation easier and faster. Call 905-695-1501 to find out more about our moving services and to receive a free quote!

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