Container Shipping

Container Shipping

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, OCT is proud to be among the container hauling companies Ontario can rely on for their most important cargo. We employ truck drayage for short distance hauling along with delivery to other ramps and facilities for maximum versatility. Our combination of container shipping options make OCT ideal for a wide range of industries that require multiple transportation forms and competitive shipping rates.


OCT Shipping Container Transport Capabilities

At OCT we value our customers’ time and money and offer a range of shipping container transport features to maximize your resources. Our shipping container transport benefits include:

  • Detailed real-time tracking so you know exactly where your container is
  • Properly packed and shipped items to satisfy all legal and safety requirements
  • Heavy duty flatbed hauling for large equipment
  • Expert packing, crating and unpacking services
  • Accurate delivery and pickup times
  • Direct contact with drivers at all times
  • Temperature control trucks available
  • Warehouse storage


Reliable Delivery and Tracking

OCT knows how important it is for container hauling companies to be reliable and precise. This is why we employ several features to ensure your shipping gets to you quickly and safely. When you ship with OCT you will have the option to radio your driver at all times throughout the haul. You will also be able to view tracking in real-time at a glance. Additionally, we take great care to pack and ship your container safely so it not only arrives on time, but in great condition.


Container Shipping Rates

OCT is committed to offering the best services among container hauling companies and offer the most competitive container shipping rates in North America. Our rates allow our clients to move more for less to satisfy their customers’ needs as well.

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