Air Freight Services

Air Freight Services

Air Freight shipping is one of the fastest ways to get your shipments to where they need to go.As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company between Canada & the US, OCT knows how important quick air transportation is to businesses and we have partnered with a network of carriers to give our customers the most options for shipping by air.


No Air Cargo Shipping Limits

Ship without restrictions with OCT. We have no size, weight or schedule limitations which makes tight deadlines and oversized shipments easier than ever. Because of our established relationships with major air carriers, we are able to expedite much of your air freight shipping concerns and fast-track you to the best solutions.


Fast and Affordable Air Transportation

With scheduled delivery as short as 3 days, our economical air cargo shipping options are some of the best for when you are looking for a mix of fast and cost effective. With thousands of departure times and drop off locations, our air transportation where can i buy soma bras options are also extremely convenient for you and your receivers.


Specialty Air Freight Options

Temperature Controlled: Even though air transportation is fast, some products still need cooling or heating to keep them viable when they arrive. OCT’s temperature controlled cargo container options make shipping possible for a wide range of goods and equipment.

Intermodal Shipping: We can combine our air freight with other modes of transportation in order to make things faster and to allow for more pickup and drop-off locations.


Ship Exactly Where You Want

While door-to-door service is our most common service, we will also ship from airport to airport, from your door to an airport or any other combination you require.
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