What Does LTL Stand for in Trucking

LTL is one of the common terms used in trucking but not often understood. You don’t really need to know what LTL stands but you may need to know that to understand trucking services described by trucking service providers such as Ontario Container Transport.

What does LTL stand for in trucking?

LTL stands for Less Than Truck Load. However, the acronym does not fully define the meaning of the term. For a proper understanding of what does LTL stand for in trucking, you need to consider the load capacity that LTL can accommodate, the flexibility and usefulness.

Overview of LTL and its Importance

As mentioned above, LTL represents less than truckload but most importantly it is an alternative to full truckloads.

Full truckloads are needed to carry large loads and as the name implies they can contain loads that will fill an entire truck. But what happens if your loads are less than a full truckload? This is where less than truckload comes in.

With less than truckload, you can transport smaller amount of products and save costs. Less than truckload also offers a lot of flexibility. This can be used when you want to ship to more than one destination.


Most people asking what does LTL stand for in trucking may also want to know what LCL stand for.

LCL and LTL are often mistaken for each other but the two terms are not the same. While LCL is more appropriate for ocean freight services, LTL is often used for trucking services.

LCL stands for less than reddit where to buy modafinil container loads. Furthermore, with less than container load, your shipment may be contained with some other packages to make it more cost effective for you. This helps to make less than container load more convenient and affordable.

Other Freight Services

As a top rated international freight shipping & container transportation company within Canada & the US, Ontario Container Transport (OCT) as well as several other freight transportation service providers, offer a lot of freight services, LCL and LTL are just two of them.

Some other freight transportation services offered include temperature controlled containers services, full container loads, ocean cargo shipment benefits, full truckload, flatbed/step deck, and many more.

Why OCT offers the best services

OCT is one of the best names to reckon with when it comes to freight transportation services. The customer services offered here are superb. OCT makes sure that the needs and expectation of each customer are satisfied.

The team also comprises professionals who are well versed in what it takes to provide robust freight transportation services, whether container shipment or trucking freight services. You can ask a question to get clarifications on what does LTL stand for in trucking and any other information on trucking and container freight services and the experts will always be available to answer them.

OCT does its best to maintain the highest standard in all of its freight services. Safety is also of great interest to the team and the logistic team will always be there to work with you throughout the entire stage of the shipment process to ensure excellent results.


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