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storage container delivery
How Does a Storage Container Delivery Service Work?

Mobile storage containers offer excellent solutions to different industries and homeowners. They help businesses and organizations meet their storage needs affordably. Additionally, delivering them to any location for their intended purpose is convenient. Our discussion focuses on how storage delivery services work and what you should do to prepare for them. Keep reading to learn...

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shipping containers after delivery
What Happens to Shipping Containers After Delivery?

Daily, thousands of containers leave and arrive at seaports in different nations. Sea liners carry these freight boxes to facilitate goods delivery and trade. But where do these shipping containers go after landing at their destinations? Do they have any value to keep them in use after their initial delivery? This post answers the above...

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ocean freight rate
What are Ocean Freight Rates?

Being able to ship goods across the ocean is an integral part of our global economy and one of the best ways for you to expand your business to new audiences. However, ocean shipping comes with a wide range of fees that can be confusing and costly. First, it is relevant to understand that ocean...

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ocean freight
How Long Does Ocean Freight Take?

Ocean freight is the most cost-effective way to ship items globally.  However, it is also the slowest method of shipping and best suited for deliveries that are not time sensitive. Typically, you can expect ocean freight to take anywhere from 20 days to 45 days. It is also important to note that this estimate may...

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shipping from toronto
Shipping From Toronto to the U.S. (OCTi)

Cross-border shipping presents some unique considerations compared to shipping within one’s own country. In particular, cross-border shipping can be expensive and has more opportunity for delays and issues with customs.  However,  shipping from Canada to the U.S. is among the easiest cross-border shipping routes. This is especially true in a major city like Toronto where...

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transport freight
What is the Cheapest Way to Transport Freight?

Freight transportation is an integral part of modern business especially in our increasingly global economy. There are multiple ways to ship including by plane, train, truck, and boat. Generally speaking, freight transport by train is the cheapest when shipping over land while shipping by boat is cheapest when shipping across ocean waters. However, you may...

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container shipping guide
Container Shipping Guide

Container shipping makes shipping goods of all kinds safe and convenient. With a multitude of standardized container types, you can ship everything from fuel in metal tanks to perishable produce in refrigerated trucks. Each of these containers may simply be referred to as a “container” but may also be called an intermodal, freight, ISO, or...

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full truck
Full Truckload Vs Less Than Truckload Shipping

Full Truckloads (FTL) and Less than Truckloads (LTL) are both used to transport goods, most commonly by semi truck. The primary difference between the two is that with an FTL, a single shipper reserves the entire truck while LTLs carry multiple smaller shipments together. Here we will look at definitions of both FTLs and LTLs,...

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cross border expedited
Cross Border Expedited Service

In a fast paced world and growing global economy, speedy shipping is often key to both gaining and retaining customers. With Ontario Container Transport, we offer cross border expedited service between the U.S. and Canada so you can grow your customer base on both sides of the border. Here we will look at how a...

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expedited shipping take in canada
How Long Does Expedited Shipping Take in Canada?

As a country, Canadians are expecting shorter and shorter delivery windows. What once may have taken multiple weeks can now be done in under a week and people have come to rely on this.  However, sometimes this still isn’t even fast enough and expedited shipping is needed. When you have something that needs to get...

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