Trucking Freight Services: Full Truckload vs. Less Than Truckload Shipping

Trucking Freight Services: Full Truckload vs. Less Than Truckload Shipping

Posted by Ontario Container Transport | June 23, 2020 | Blog

There are several alternatives to choose from when it comes to shipping freight services. Each type of shipping method can be beneficial to every freight business. However, deciding what shipping method to use is quite challenging. Before choosing the right shipping method, you should consider your business objectives, freight service types, dimensions, and other factors. 

Before diving into the freight shipping industry’s diverse and broad world, you should get familiar with the two primary transportation modes. These two shipping modes are full truckload (TL) and less than truckload (LTL).

Sometimes, deciding what to choose between less than truckload (LTL) shipping and full truckload (TL) shipping is often hard. It is more challenging if you aren’t familiar with the two or not sure of your options. 

It would be best if you learned to assess each element so you can select the most efficient method that fits your business needs. Some factors that will aid your choice e include the freight classification, freight dimensions (length, width, and height), and other specialized services. Keep reading to see how trucking and freight delivery in Toronto works and how to choose the best one.

What is Full Truckload Freight Service?

Full truckload freight shipping service means your freight or cargo needs to fill the truck’s entire space. Full truckload shipping is the most commonly used transportation mode. In the U.S., the full truckload market is estimated to be $950 billion. Carriers mostly use full truckload to move freight for large enterprises, their suppliers, and small retailers.

Why Choose Full Truckload Shipping?

Full truckload shipping has a lot of benefits to offer. It is a fast and reliable shipping method to transport large amounts of freight. This type of freight shipping is ideal for you if:

  • Your business has enough goods to fill in the entire trailer space. (from 15,000 to 50,000 pounds)
  • You want to rent a truck that is only dedicated to your load of shipments.
  • You are strictly following tight shipping deadlines.

Truckload shipping is more expensive than LTL shipping, but it has less handling. Since it has less handling, it increases the chances of accurate transit time and fewer instances of delay.

When to Use Full Truckload Shipping?

When your company has enough shipments to fill the truck, you should use full truckload shipping. Also, if the cost of the items being shipped is far higher than the price of using a dedicated truck, choose a full truckload. Another factor to consider is when your company requires expedited shipping or are under strict time constraints, go for a full truckload. 

Typically, full truckload shipping service is usually faster than LTL. Apart from FTL shipping being significantly faster, there is minimal risk involved when using a dedicated shipment truck.

What is Less Than Truckload Freight Service?

Less than truckload or LTL shipping service allows multiple shippers to share the space on one truck. LTL shipping is the more cost-efficient option between the two trucking and freight services. The cost is way cheaper as multiple companies are paying for their space on the same trailer. Furthermore, this type of shipping service is ideal for businesses that have shipments of less than 15,000 pounds.

The only downside to LTL is that shipments are not as secure as FTL. Therefore, to protect cargo while in transit, it is essential to consolidate the items into crated, large, or palletized packages. In addition, it is crucial to prepare the shipment to endure handling during transfer to various trailers. 

Why Choose Less Than Truckload Shipping?

Less than truckload is a cost-effective and flexible shipping option. It offers multiple benefits for both shippers who move large items, and a small volume of freight. LTL shipping is best for you, if:

  • You have a low quantity of cargo, that doesn’t fill the entire trailer (you shipments weight less than 15,000 pounds)
  • You’re searching for a cost-efficient shipping option
  • You’re not very tight on the delivery time

Besides, if you don’t want to deal with brokers and multiple people to arrange a shipment, LTL shipping is the best option for you. It is a modern and straightforward solution with more self-service online shipping platforms existing on the market.

When to Use Less Than Truckload Shipping?

Less-than-truckload shipping is ideal if you have a small business that is not shipping a lot of shipments to fill an entire truckload. If you want to reduce the overall cost of your shipping, you can consider LTL shipping. With LTL, you are using a partner network, which can consolidate your goods with shipments from other companies. Although less-than-truckload shipping service is not as fast as full truckload shipping, the cost savings usually balance the expedited transit times.

Final Thoughts

Both full truckload and less than truckload shipping modes can be beneficial to your business. However, it would be best if you considered many factors in choosing the ideal shipping service for you. Apart from the type of trailer, one crucial factor to consider is the freight type you need to ship. Either way, both full truckload and less-than-truckload shipping are great options for your shipment!

If you are looking for trucking freight services, be it a full truckload or less-than-truckload shipping, OCTi is here to offer you excellent service. You may call us at (905) 695 1501 or email us at for more inquiries.

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