How Much Does Household Moving Cost?

How Much Does Household Moving Cost?

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How Much Does Household Moving Cost

If you plan to move to another city or your lease is about to expire, you definitely need household moving services. You may also be wondering how much it will cost you to hire household movers. Not to worry, we have all the answers you need in this blog post. 

When hiring movers, there are many essential factors to consider and keep in mind, but nothing can compare to knowing how much moving companies will charge you.

In this article, we will share the average cost of household moving services, including the factors affecting the price and the different types.

What is the Average Cost of Household Moving?

The cost of household moving depends on several factors. The main factor is the type of household moving service. Is it a local move or a long-distance move?

How Much Does Household Moving Cost

In this section, we explore the different types of household moving and what you can expect to pay for each one. 

Cost of Local Movers in Toronto 

Local movers charge per hour. Therefore, based on the average local moving costs, hiring two movers and one truck will cost you between $90 and $120 per hour. 

Considering the average charge of around $25 per hour, here are the estimated costs you can expect to pay for your next local move:

Studio apartment

If you are moving out of a studio apartment, hiring two local movers will cost you around $150-$200. This service includes entire loading, transportation and unloading operations, which are completed within 3 to 4 hours.

2-Bedroom house/apartment

If you are moving out of a 2-bedroom house or apartment with approximately 1000 square feet, household moving services in Toronto may cost you about $375 and $450. 

For this kind of service, as many as three local movers will be necessary to complete the local relocation job within 5 to 6 hours.

3-Bedroom house/apartment

If you’re moving out of a 3-bedroom house or apartment with roughly 2000 square feet, you may expect to pay around $800 to $900. This service includes four local moving crew members who will finish the local move within 8 to 9 hours.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Local Moving 

This moving cost depends on where you live, your state, the rates and additional local moving cost. What you need to take note is, local movers charge an hourly rate, so the price depends on the time spent working on your move. This hourly rate also applies whether the movers are wrapping, loading or even driving from point A to point B.

In some cases, you might pay extra travel fees depending on the pickup location. Typically, you can negotiate with the moving company you hire regarding these travel fees. More often than not, the travel distance to the customer moving location influences the cost. 

How Much Does Household Moving Cost

Aside from the travel distance, movers may also charge you for packing your things. One more thing, the size of your home also matters when estimating the cost of local moving. Make sure you keep all these in mind when budgeting for the price of household moving in Toronto.

Cost of Long-distance Household Moving in Toronto 

You can expect to pay an average of $0.70 per pound of cargo for household moving services in Toronto. 

When it comes to long-distance moving, the shipment weight, distance from your home to destination, and other extra services may influence the overall cost. 

Below are the estimated price for different sizes of houses:

Studio apartment

If you are moving out of a studio apartment with an approximate weight of goods about 1800 lbs over a distance of 1000 miles expect to pay around $1200.

1-bedroom apartment

If you are moving out of a one-bedroom apartment with an approximate weight of goods of 2200-3200 lbs and distance to a new home of about 1000 miles, the cost can range from $1500-$2200.

2-bedroom home

If you are moving out of a 2-bedroom home with an approximate weight of goods of 5000-6000 lbs and a distance to a new home of 1000 miles, the cost will be around $3500-$4200.

3-bedroom home

Moving out of a three-bedroom house with an approximate weight of goods of 9000 lbs and distance to a new home of 1000 miles, the cost will be around $6300.

How Much Does Household Moving Cost

Factors Affecting the Cost of Long Distance Moving

Long-distance moving costs in Toronto are determined by weight or by the cubic foot of the items for transportation. Most long-distance moving companies will charge you based on the weight of your items or shipment and the distance to your new home. 

However, some movers may charge you for several additional services and other fees. It’s crucial to note that long-distance moves are calculated on a case by case basis since the moving costs depend on several factors. 

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