Facts You Need to Know About Blanket Wrapping Shipping

Facts You Need to Know About Blanket Wrapping Shipping

Blanket Wrapped Shipping

Blanket wrapping shipping is a service provided by carriers wherein items for shipping are wrapped in blankets in order to keep them protected while in transit. The service is usually used for large-sized items such as furniture. 

The items that are blanket wrapped are then securely strapped inside a truck. The goods are transported, along with other items that are similarly blanket-wrapped, via truck. Two truck drivers are responsible for all scheduled pick-ups and deliveries.

  • Providers of blanket wrapping shipping mostly have numerous warehouses all over the country. The office or warehouse that is closest to the area where the items or goods will be shipped from will arrange to pick up details. 
  • When the goods are picked up, it is taken to the nearest warehouse where it will be transferred to a different truck onto the closest terminal to its destination. 
  • Once the item reaches its destination, the office that is located to where the closest terminal is will contact the recipient in order to arrange the delivery of the goods.
  • Another term used to refer to “blanket wrap” is “white glove”. Though both can be interchangeably used, their specific definitions are different. 
  • Blanket wrap generally refers to the way goods are transported throughout the shipment’s duration. Meanwhile, white-glove is a service offered to the customer at the final delivery.
  • Technically, since providers of blanket wrap service move unpacked goods from one place to another, all kinds of blanket wrap shipping have white glove delivery. But not all deliveries which involve white glove are transported by a carrier that offers blanket wrapping shipping. For instance, a freight may have been placed in a pallet, shipped for delivery to an agent and unpacks the freight, has it inspected, and then has it delivered to a customer via white glove.

Benefits of Blanket Wrapping Shipping

Blanket wrapping shipping has been seen as an economical method to ship unpacked goods. It is also efficient for shipping items that are fragile, as well as freight that is unpacked or is oversized. It also allows less item turbulence since movement is minimized. 

  • Items considered fragile such as mirrors, chandeliers, art pieces or antiques, are subject to blanket wrapping. Carriers also offer to crate and packing services other than blanket wrapping. 
  • Since blanket wrapping allows carriers to utilize their own trucks, they are able to efficiently schedule their routes.

Delivery and Pickup Issues

  • Compared to conventional freight transit, the dates for delivery and pick-up significantly varies. Expect the entire process to last for two months or less. Allow three weeks for the items to be picked up, and three weeks more for delivery. Add more weeks when delivering to remote areas. 
  • When scheduling delivery appointments, note that dates are determined not by customers but by the availability of carriers. 
  • Carriers will communicate with customers days in advance in order to advise a specific time and date of two to four hours. Customers are then required to make themselves available for when the carrier arrives at pick up or deliver the goods. Carriers who deliver or pick up in areas with a highly dense population usually employ dedicated trucks in order to accommodate the schedule of customers. However, shippers and recipients need to be flexible when accommodating the schedule of the driver.
  • Be aware and open to changes as dates of delivery and pickup are usually not guaranteed. Factors such as traffic, weather or mechanical issues could cause scheduled routes to be interrupted. 


Blanket wrapping shipping poses the least risk to retailers. Items shipped using this method lessens the damage done to freight. However, limitations do exist one of which is the delivery time. The lengthy waiting time is caused by the manual hand-loading the process entails as well as having to strap every piece. Plus, trucks usually need to make numerous stops throughout the journey.

The tracking capability of blanket wrapping shipping is also poor because goods are usually delivered by small carriers with access to little to no technology.

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