Ocean Shipping

How Much Does Ocean Freight Shipping Costs in Canada
Posted by Ontario Container Transport | April 14, 2020

Economical status of Canada is currently experiencing one of its fastest growth rates since 2014. Canada’s open-market system has allowed it to sustain high economic competitiveness all over the world....

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Storage Containers
Posted by Ontario Container Transport | November 9, 2019

Storage containers are steel, air-tight containers used to transport large quantities of goods and shipment from one location to another. Storage trailers are regular box-type trailers solely used for storing...

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Sea Freight Services
Posted by admin | September 17, 2018

Every business that needs to manage international supply chain faces the dilemma of choosing between sea freight service and air freight service for the transportation of their goods. Both of...

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Why Move Your Goods By Ship?
Posted by admin | August 31, 2018

If you're scratching your head about cutting shipping cost by truck, shipping goods by sea may be alternative. Shipping goods by sea accounts for more than 70% of international commercial...

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