Intermodal Transportation

What are the Advantages of Intermodal Transportation
Posted by OCT Freight Shipping | September 9, 2020

Today, intermodal freight transport has become a popular topic in the entire transportation industry. Due to the several advantages of intermodal transportation, many companies have started using this freight transport...

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Posted by Ontario Container Transport | July 9, 2020

Intermodal transportation uses two or more carriers or shipping modes to move freight from shipper to consignee. Intermodal transport of cargo relies on freight trains, trucks, ships, as well as...

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Posted by Ontario Container Transport | May 20, 2020

Are you familiar with all the types of freight services available in Canada? There is more than one way to package and transport your product. For some professionals who are...

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intermodal shipping vs. multimodal shipping
Posted by Ontario Container Transport | January 17, 2020

Determining whether to choose intermodal shipping or multimodal shipping would depend on how well you know the intricacies involved in each transport mode. There are numerous factors to consider when...

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Intermodal Container Cost
Posted by Ontario Container Transport | December 30, 2019

Before going into the specifics of intermodal container costs, the following are basic details involved in intermodal shipping. Intermodal shipping is where two or more transportation modes are involved in...

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One Stop Solution for Intermodal Transportation in Canada
Posted by admin | March 27, 2018

Logistics and intermodal transportation are one of the most important business processes in North America. The smooth trade relationship between Canada and the U.S. results to increase in intermodal transportation....

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